suggestion for new kassa.

Im not a kassadin player,cause i never found him fitting my playstyle.but with any new rework,a new champion discovery is possible. I test the new kassadin and found him very "normal" in an fun scale,i could say 7/10 points of fun. since i am not a kassa fan i probably cant say a lot of the champion,but as a LOL player,i have enough knowledge about old kassadin,metagame,etc. we all know silence in kassa was somekind of his core identity effect along with is teleport. i like the new W of him,seem very interesting to farming,also is kinda a good executioning move for awesomeness. Q is in a weird spot ATM... E seems the same,and that is maybe bad. R mana consumption is very very bizarre to find him balanced.i cannot say that is it balanced or not,but i could say i dont like it. ok,then i would like to suggest,why or why not,changing some of his abilities. **Q-** His new Q no longer offers silence,but now stop channeling,curious thing but maybe correct for balance. speaking of his identity,now silence could be more a {{champion:90}} thing and improve kassa to another CC:BLIND. i think a kassa with blind could be more useful that a kassa with an one hit shield and 1/2 silence,since blind if only use in {{champion:133}} ,and {{champion:17}} (and {{champion:64}} lol.) this would pair him with normal abilities again. anyway i would also recommend he keeps the channeling interruption. also i would recommend to create on Q a double CC like this **Q:Null Sphere** *Active: Kassadin fires an orb of void energy at a target enemy, dealing magic damage and interrupting channels. targeted Enemy will have their vision reduced to 675 range; everything else will look like it is in the Fog of War,except target still can see kassadin. * so the idea on this is create a paranoid CC which reduce vision on the target,mostly to confuse him. since it seems op,the counter effect is that u can still see kassadin so for example,if u are the adc on a TF and kassa CC you, u can choose into run of the TF or still target and nuke kassadin. but seeing this i know we should choose into one or another Q effect cause both are op,so **option A:**kassa blind U and interrupt u,u will fail attacks. **option B:**kassa interrupt u and negate your vision for X sec. **W-** I think is good as it is,maybe adding an effect like the interrupted enemy got marked(cause Q) and if u W him u could get some healing or something like permanent 1 mana. **W- Nether Blade** Passive: Kassadin's basic attacks deal 20 (+10% AP) bonus magic damage on-hit. Active: Kassadin charges his Nether Blade, causing his next basic attack to deal bonus magic damage and restore a percentage of his missing mana. Mana restored is quintupled against champions. Possible Extra Effects: **option A:** Enemies reached with Q get a mark, if netherblade hit a marked enemy kassadin also heals xx hp. **option b:** If kassadin kills an unit,he gains permanently 1 mana point,this effect is quintupled against enemy champions,assist only duplicate this effect. **option c:** Enemies reached with Q get a mark, if netherblade hit a marked enemy kassadin slow them for 1.5 seconds. **option D:** Enemies reached for netherblade below their 30% max HP, get grievous wound,which refresh for any new W landed.If the target has 10% of max HP,netherblade executes him. **E-**since kassadin lost a lot of damage,this ability could get nerfed or something to make it more useful. having to wait to E something and stacking it seems good,but also punishable to a bad kassa. why not remove the stacking active to make it CD dependant? **E-Force Pulse:** *Active: Kassadin emit a pulse of void energy,dealing magic damage in a 80º cone in front of him .* *Passive: Kassadin draws energy from spells cast gaining a charge whenever a spell is cast near him, including his own spells,reducing the CD of E, force pulse Upon reaching 6 charges, next E will consume extra mana and will slow enemies damaged and get more damage. if kassadin have 6 stacks but dont have enough mana to perform this ability,he can cast it for no cost but will not slow enemies or have bonus damage. using E also get a stack and also reduce its own cd.* (Of course this ability would have a "high" cd like 14 to compensate the use of it.) **R-** Most important think of kassa is his mobility, given by his ultimate. stacking ultis seems a bad idea cause one can roam and add stacks to release them on a target. well,i think this teleport should be paired with another ability,maybe hit by R can add a mark that could be exploited with W,or E. using a lot of teleport should not penalized with abbusive mana cost but instead having high mana cost could solve the spam thing. **R- riftwalk:** *Active: Kassadin teleports to a nearby location, dealing magic damage to enemy units within 150 range upon arrival. mana cost:250* (Every use add 75 mana cost,stacks 2 times-400 maximum mana cost-) **option A effect:** slowed enemies suffers bonus damage of 2% maximum life. ** option B effect:** marked enemies(side effect of Q or W) get snared if riftwalk hit them,but this effect can happens one time per 12 seconds. ** option C effect:** for every unit reached per riftwalk,kassadin creates a shield around himself to block magic damage,any sucesive rift walk refresh the shield.if kassadin hits champion enemies with riftwalk,he gain a shield that absorbs any incoming damage(if he had the magic shield this change for the normal shield). if kassadin use R and do not hit any unit,he loses any obtained shield. well i hope this could be readed for any rioter and i hope this help a little in your balance research. personally i would love an answer or at least know this reach any member of riot.
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