Amumu - addition to lore.

Before you hate, I wrote this in about 15 minutes, I write for a living and I felt like giving something to Amumu, I'd love to see this added to the actual game of course, and I'd love an actual writer from Riot to give me his/her opinion on this, too much? Other things in the works? I thought to myself, what made Amumu so sad? What made him who he is now? The fact that he is connected to Shurima helped allot in this. I don't know if he's still a yordle or not, as I've heard people tell me both things, in this case, he's human, and he's related to Azir, I didn't name his mother because I didn't feel it was my place to add people to the lore without Riot's "thumbs up" Tell me what you think, do you like it? What should I change? --- For Azir and his beloved, a day to rejoice as his first born made his way into this world, but that happiness was short lived, Amumu's health declined rapidly, his chest was blackened near his heart. In desperation, Azir turned to Xerath, seeing as none of his healers seemed to help him. Xerath discovered the child had been cursed not with magic, but with emotion, in his heart flowed all of humanity's sorrow and despair, a cure would be impossible, Xerath suggested the worse, the end the child's life, and the curse with it, Azir's beloved declined it imediately, saying she knew of it from her ancestors and that she held a cure, but the cost was her life. Azir remained speechless, as either option would mean the loss of a loved one, She held Amumu high, smiling for him for the very last time before kissing his heart, her love for him enveloped the darkness and kept it at bay, sealing it at the cost of her very life. Years had past, the boy smiled constantly, he was denied nothing and did as he pleased, in his heart he always had his mother with him, he was never alone. The people of Shurima however, feared Amumu's curse, fearing the seal would break and a black veil would envelop Shurima, but Xerath saw in him power to be harvested. One dark, cold night, Xerath abducted the child, taking Amumu to his magic study, where he found references to the spell his mother used, in an attempt to steal his power, instead he robbed him of the seal, his mother's love, the child's everlasting smile faded, never had he lacked his mother's tender love next to his heart, the darkness grew too strong for even Xerath to control, ultimately, Xerath executed the boy, bringing him back to his room, where his father, Azir, found him. Although People cheered, those closest to him wept for him. Ages passed before he opened his eyes once more, the curse had died long ago with him but a new one had grown, the removal of his mother's love had left a dark hole, empty and painful, Impossible to bear. Although he doesn't remember his past life, the lack of his mother's love still echoes in his soul, as does his anger for Xerath.
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