[Items: Boots of Swiftness] Suggestion for a Buff on boots of swiftness

Hello, i find that in the current meta, boots of swiftness {{item:3009}} don't life on the bright side of life anymore. They have a very small niche where they might acutally fit, but in most cases either the mobilities outperform them (with their speed) or the advantages of the other boots bring too much with them to trade it for a little slow resistance. There are so many slows going on right now that you really can't profit very much. You are still slowed too much to gain an advantage, and a good positioning and the many dashes make them effectively superfluous. Compared to the mercury treads, the slow reduction works in a different way, but the mercs will be much more useful in a teamfight where not only slows but magic damage, stuns, taunts etc. make life harder than what's healthy for you. I don't know how you feel about it, but i have the impression they should get a little buff to make them worth using again. Adding the ghosting (walking through minions) would be a substantial buff, especially for the laning phase. But it would also help to make them interact in a %movementspeed with items that boost movement speed, so they would outperform mobility boots when you build them together with the right items. buffing / nerving could be adjusted cost-wise. What do you think? Do boots of swiftness need a buff?
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