Riot the new map and laptop users

Riot i am new to the PBE community but every time that I play on the new map, I have issues. I only have a laptop to use for gaming and would like to enjoy playing the game, however every time i play on updated summoners rift my fps and ping rate get so bad I cant play. I occurs during any and every fight that I get into, whenever there are two or more champs or two or more waves of minions. My fps rate suddenly drops to zero, I have set all graphics to very low, however it hasn't changed anything. I would say scrap the whole map however I understand the amount of work put into the project, and recommend possibly pulling back on the graphics and trying to find someway to make it work for laptops. Again I do enjoy the new map, but i am requesting that your make the map more compatible for laptop users. Thank you again for allowing me on the PBE servers and I am looking forward to a response from either a RIOT official, or from the PBE community that could help solve this issue. Thank you If anyone has any ideas for me on how to fix the issue would appreciate the feedback.
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