Jinx Rocket AS changes in testing

Hi Friends, We're also experimenting with some Jinx stuff this patch. Trying to see if we can resolve the feel hit to rockets that she took in the preseason. My hypothesis is that the majority of "feel bads" for slow rockets are not actually due to their poorer late game scaling but rather how they feel to use in lane at very low attack speeds. This is the part of the game where you're most likely to experience attack cancels and phantom rockets. Let's see if we can fix that. Goal is to resolve some of Jinx's issues with rocket feel while keeping her overall power level close to the same. I'd encourage any Jinx mains on the PBE to go try her out and let me know how she feels. **TLDR - Jinx rockets are back to their old AS at level 1, and now only scale poorly with AS she gets from items and levels (This is how Caitlyn works). With these changes rockets should be feeling faster ALL THE TIME unless you're buying like 6 phantom dancers. E nerfs are to compensate for the increased lane power this is likely to give her.** Changelist: > Switcheroo! (Q) > Rocket Level 1 AS :: .531 >>> .625 > Rocket Bonus AS scaling :: 15% reduction >>> 20% reduction > Flame Chompers! (E) > Damage :: 80/135/190/245/300 >>> 60/120/180/240/300 > Mana cost :: 50 >>> 70
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