Combat Text, Ceremony, and Particle Changes!

Hey guys, Over the next few patches, we'll be making incremental updates to League of Legends that should not only raise the visual bar, but also improve functionality, clarity, and satisfaction. What you'll find on PBE right now are a few of these upcoming changes. * **New Combat Text!** Both font and colors have been updated. We feel these changes better suit the style of League of Legends (and are more readable). * **Improved Last-Hit Ceremony!** Font animations, gold particle, and sound have been tweaked to provide more satisfying last hits. * **Improved Level-Up Ceremony!** Likewise, a new particle and sound have been added to make leveling feel more impactful. * **New Health and Mana Potion Particles!** Gaze in wonder as you're enveloped by green and blue stars and swirls. * **New Revive Particle!** Hipster Karthus players rejoice! Don't worry, the other Summoner Spells will be updated too. As always, check them out and give us your feedback! {{champion:119}}
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