[4.4 PBE] Feral Flare - New upgrade to Wriggle's Lantern on PBE

So, the long awaited upgrade and rework to the neglected Lantern is on PBE. What are your thoughts, guys? {{item:3106}} **Madred's Razors** > **Recipe:** {{item:1042}} + {{item:1039}} + 50 g = 750 g > **+15 % Attack Speed** > **UNIQUE Passive - Maim:** Basic attacks against monsters deal 60 bonus magic damage and heal 6 health on hit. So the good news is that this item increases the speed of jungle clear, as it should. 15% AS is exactly how much the marks give. Bad news is some edge cases like Malphite or Rammus won't like this item anymore once it lost armor, but frankly, they never did. {{item:3154}} **Wriggle's Lantern** > **Recipe:** {{item:3106}} + {{item:1042}} + {{item:1036}} + 140 g = 1650 g > **+15 Attack Damage** > **+30 % Attack Speed** > **UNIQUE Passive - Maim:** Basic attacks against monsters deal 100 bonus magic damage and heal 12 health on hit. > **UNIQUE Passive:** Gain 30% increased gold from monsters. > **UNIQUE Active:** Places a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 180 seconds (180 second cooldown). > Transforms into **Feral Flare** at 25 large monsters killed with Maim. **Feral Flare**: * +20 Attack Damage * +35% Attack Speed * Maim deals damage to everything (33% to champions). * Maim gains stacks on kills, assists and big jungle monster kills. IMO this item isn't as strong on carry junglers such as Master Yi as it could be, mainly due to the magic damage on Maim. Also the AD part, although useful on Yi and Tryndamere, seems lackluster on Shen, whom Diamondprox build this item on in its old version. Personally I would like to see Wriggle's split into two items. One for farming camps and stacking damage (Madred's Bloodrazor, with AS and stacking AD) and one for jungle control (Wriggle's Lantern as a Sightstone upgrade). I'm also not convinced if putting the "farm the jungle" bonus in a legendary item is good enough. I'd consider giving the gold bonus as early as in Madred's Razors. But given the current state of the item, what do you guys think?
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