these Urgot changes can't come the live servers (Urgot main)

[Proof]( The new changes to Urgot's passive and W will destroy him. if these comes to live I guarantee his winrate will drop to below 40% and his playrate to drop below 0.5% W -Terror Capacitor's base shield already got nerfed in patch 1.140b and 5.5 (but wasn't a huge deal in 5.5 cause the 8% mana scaling was added as compansation.) but now it's getting nerfed AGAIN! and for seemingly no reason! even if you max W second (which you usually don't on 6.3) his shield is still sucks. the only reason to use it now is for the slow. the most damaging part about this change for me personally is that with this nerf you can't block a tower shot anymore, which really sucks because I tower dive a lot as Urgot to get the last lock-on Q for the kill or to ult them from under tower and let a teammate finish them off and during those moments I rely on my W to stay healthy or even save my life in some cases. The 2 second cut on the shield duration isn't a huge deal, just kinda random. My suggestion for this change is to increase the mana scaling from 8% to 10 or 12% OR to revert the base health nerf. the shield duration nerf is fine but uneeded. Passive - This change is devastating for Mid Urgot. Burst Mages and Assasins are impossible to deal with now since it takes 3 Qs or auto attacks to apply the full damage reduction which can take 2-5 seconds depending on CDR and attack speed (you should never buy attack speed on Urgot btw). a lot of good matchups for Urgot turn into bad ones with this change and it will make Urgot a lot less viable. The .5 second increase on it's duration is not enough compensation. My suggestion for this to revert it but if you REALLY want the stacking change to stay, I suggest increasing it from 5% to 7% or making it stack two times and increase it to 10%. R - The fear addition is stupid. The fear doesn't work on the champ you used the ult on so it's useless 1v1 (I hope this is a bug, if it is this change will make more sense). The fear effect spawns from the position you switched to and not the position you were in when casting it, so it's only good if you swap into other enemy champions, which is something you don't want to do as Urgot because even with the damage reduction buff, you will get destroyed if you swap into 2 or more enemy champions. So ultimately this fear is only useful if you are in a 1v2 or 2v2. The fear is kinda useful in teamfights but you usually ult on the person you want to kill, so it won't really do much for you if the people you aren't attacking are effected by the fear. (unless you are using it for peel but why would you ult into the enemy team just to runaway?) My suggestion for this change is to make the fear spawn from both the starting point and ending point of the ult, so you can use it as peel for when multiple champs are chasing you OR make it also fear the enemy that gets ulted so it can be useful in 1v1s. if these changes come to live servers in their current form I will stop playing Urgot and will probably play league a lot less often.
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