I am really happy you changed the form of his horns, but I feel the colors and textures were better and more worked before. Now they have a darker color and a texture like asphalt that I think it isn&#039;t according with the rest of the model in game. Besides, Although they are almost perfect, I think they are too much sharp-edged and look like more a demon than a goat. And on the other, I know it is a temporal bug, but the particles on them when he crafts or he uses W are from the old horns, so they don't fit on them now. I&#039;m sorry because I always say little details and tips that nobody cares but I like to make the champions from my favourite game being perfects! &lt;3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Really thank you, Riot, for making the final changes. I don't know if wanted to make it anyways or you read my posts, but thank you! Now his horns are just perfect!! <3 https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-_ipuJm_PH-4/WZdF-yLqFeI/AAAAAAABErk/gia35sg3kAsuCH7iS1vgQEehVJ-gcxLlwCLcBGAs/s1600/ornncompare.png
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