Alistar Changes Feedback

Played 3 games on Alistar this afternoon, time for some context and some feedback. I'm a support main, Plat 1 or 2 depending on the day, who normally plays Janna and Nami, but some tanky supports like Braum, Leona, and Alistar. Changes: * Passive: An automatic version of his current E (sort of). After 7 unit deaths, heals you for a small amount and your nearest ally for double that. Scales with level only. Countdown also decreased by CCing champions, and automatically triggers on kill or assist. This... feels pretty good, actually. Interesting that it's swapped the traditional Alistar heal paradigm, where he gets more than his lane partner. I feel like the appropriate play now could sometimes be to harass Ali instead of the ADC, since damage will stick better. Also removes leveling up heal as a strategy. Your mileage may vary on that being good or bad. Also seems like Windspeaker's won't be nearly so good. * E: Trample: Press to start pulsing damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. If you've damaged a champion 5 times, your next auto on a champion deals bonus damage (level based) and stuns them for 1 second. Finally, Alistar doesn't automatically push the wave. On the other hand, doesn't damage turrets anymore (sad). Definitely gives Alistar some sustained threat in fights (get away from the mad cow), complete with sweet chain VFX. Clarity achieved. It's got a longish cooldown, but no cast time I noticed. * R: Doesn't give Alistar bonus AD anymore. They've talked about removing this before, so not surprised to see it go. One more thing to adjust too, kept expecting my autos to hurt more (failed some flash+"secure" kills from habit) Balance Considerations: Honestly, I'm not sure. PBE matchmaking isn't exactly high plat, so it's hard for me to compare to live Ali. As mentioned earlier, he'll be much easier to harass out of lane, and people who can deny the engage (Janna Q, Morg) are going to deal with a noticeably lower health opponent. The new item Knight's Vow seems like it has potential, combining healing from ADC damage with the 50-70% DR on his ult keeping him in the fight long enough for plays with the new E. Bond of Stone seems like a possibility to replace Windspeaker or Thunderlord, as does the new Resolve tank keystone Collosus whatsit. How has he been working for everyone else?
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