Corki PBE Feedback Thread

Greetings, League's Daring Bombardier will be getting a pretty unique update with the new preseason. Here are the main details: * **Corki's identity as the magic damage Marksman is being reinforced** * Hextech Shrapnel Shells now cause Corki's basic attacks to deal split damage (half magic, half physical) instead of bonus true damage * As a result, Hextech Shrapnel Shells now interacts with attack modifiers like Trinity Force and Critical Strikes once again * Gatling Gun also deals split damage and now shreds both Armor and MR (but at reduced amounts) * **Corki will have a new tool to utilize in the form of "The Package" that grants him access to "Special Delivery"** * The Package will arrive in Corki's base after an interval. Corki can return to the fountain to pick it up temporarily gaining extreme out of combat Movement Speed and upgrading Valkyrie into Special Delivery. * Special Delivery allows Corki to perform a bombing run - it travels much faster and further than Valkyrie, and drops incendiary bombs that knock aside enemies in the path (think Draven E) and leave a deadly fire trial behind that both slows and damages enemies who dare to cross it (or get forced into it!) * Special Delivery can be used to cut off the retreat of a fleeing foe or to cause chaos by splitting the enemy team apart in team fights * **Corki will have to take more risks with the update** * One of the longer standing issues with Corki has always been his relative safety among the Marksman class due to having strong ranged poke and one of the most powerful escape abilities in the game (Valkyrie) * Valkyrie's range is being substantially reduced * Utilizing The Package is a fairly risky play with large payoffs when executed correctly I know this is a lot to take in, but hopefully you guys will get to have some fun experimenting with the new tools Corki will have in his arsenal in the next season. Appreciate any feedback you guys have on this.
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