Varus Q cooldown change/buff discussion - ADC vs. AD Caster Varus

I just wanted to hear what you guys think about Varus's cooldown buff on his Q: > Varus > * Piercing Arrow (Q) cooldown now starts at the beginning of his channel time rather than at the end. I have not tried traditional ADC Varus with the change yet, but I have played 5 games as AD Caster Varus mid. I honestly don't see the change benefiting ADC Varus as much as it would on a 40% CDR caster build. With the change and at 40% CDR, I can charge his Q and keep it held for as long as I can then release it and immediately charge another one for a larger burst. In any case, this is a huge buff for extended sieges and increases Varus' poke/waveclear potential. I've had some players comment on the surprising timer on his Q cooldown. In some matches, I was able to keep the other laner out of lane indefinitely once I reached level 9. In other matches, I suffered the same old weaknesses Varus traditionally faces (weak to hard-engage and CC/lack of mobility). Has anyone played ADC Varus to comment on how the cooldown change affects those who build no CDR?
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