[5/2] Rammus Feedback

A lot of these changes are good and move Rammus' abilities into a proper tank and everything making sense. To this day I still don't know why Rammus got armour pen and attack damage from his passive. The attack speed and magic damage passive should help out his clear, which is a weak point. Overall though, Rammus needs a complete rework that works a kit around his taunt and powerball. Will say one thing though, Tremors finally feels like a proper tank ultimate for once rather than a glorified sunfire cape, maybe support Rammus will be even better with these changes especially since you don't really need to max his W anymore and can focus on maxing his taunt for support and his ult applying a potential super powerful slow helps with peeling and zoning as well like a mobile nunu ultimate. Overall there is a VERY small possibility that Rammus can jungle with magic damage passive, attack speed on the taunt (taunt in the jungle is useless right now, so this helps him a lot), looks like you could max taunt even in the jungle as well for your ganks since Q+W scale with levels (granted that CDR reduction from ranks 1 to 5 is super nice, 4 seconds off max rank is massive and can get almost twice as many knock-backs with it if you use it for the CC rather than mobility), and your ultimate not being a completely useless spell and actually used somewhere that isn't called "kill that minion wave / jungle camp quickly". I don't know what I am talking about anymore. I hate thornmail effects though, they offer no real gameplay interactions and is very free damage just for standing there, maybe if the thornmail effect was on the taunt directly it be better that way Rammus actually has to use a proper action to deal damage rather than turtle in his shell and put up his shield. Anyways, I still think Rammus needs some bigger changes to PWR, but for the meantime these changes are good and happy to play him as support because I still think his jungle clear will be awful even with these changes and cinderhulk buffs to jungle monsters, but give me low cooldowns on CC, a way to easily max taunt, and more CC via his ultimate not being a dead weight spell and I am all over that support armadillo! **** **** **** > _**QUESTIONS TIME!!!**_ > 1. Does Powerball still get canceled when you activate Defense Curl? (If so need to re-add this somewhere in the tooltip; I assume it doesn't which is a massive buff even with a 60% slow, being able to keep your Powerball is massive in itself.) > 2. How does the slow stack? i.e. additive on target so maximum slow is 64/80/96% for 1.5 seconds if you hit them with every tick through-out the duration > 3. Can you get 1 second of taunt at level 2 for the AS buff, press W before the duration runs out, and get a total of 7 seconds of AS buff at level 2? > 4. Most important question of all. How many OKAYS were given with this mini-rework for Rammus? **** **** ****
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