[Suggestion] Keystone Masteries @Riot gipsylord, Squad5, Stashu

Why don't you free the Keystone Masteries from the suddivision into the Ferocity, Cunning, and Resolve trees? For example, many champions (especially assassins and burst mages) would love to get access to Thunderlord's Decree without going too deep into the Cunning tree (let's say that I'm playing Talon: I need % armor pen, not flat hybrid pen). As another example, utility support that pick Intelligence but have weak shields and heals (or don't have them at all in their kit, like Blitzcrank) would like to choose between Strength of the Ages and Bond of Stone without being forced into Thunderlord's Decree. I think this change would give us players more ability to customize our champions and make meaningful choices before the start of the game.
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