I haven't been able to post reviews due to lack of ability to log in but that's finally over (you can give me RP every monday again) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - UPVOTE THE THREAD IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT, can't stress this enough. The skin is named, as you know, DARKflame Shyvana, not LIGHTGRAYflame shyvana, she looks like a weird mixture in between malzahar and Ironscale Shivana, I believe you should tone down the clean metal grays back, and return to burnt metal grays, and take her back to darker tones of purple with hints of red, especially on the wings. I assure you the skin looks much worse in-game, especially seen from the back. ------------------ Suggestion: - Add Dark, mysterious Purple with a hint of wine/bull blood Red, rather than just a Mystic, sorcerer purple. - Clean polished metal should be darkened, burnt, used metal. - She's a seasoned warrior, and seasoned warriors don't have shiny armors. ---------------------------- In my personal opinion, the new Darkflame Shyvana (the metal version you're trying to implement) will throw me off completely off the skin (one of my favorites might I add). I think it's a popular opinion that the darker, more aggressive version would be much more popular than the new version yet to be implemented. - i Find it hard to even call it the same skin anymore, as it's been so drastically changed. Almost like turning zac into an extreme Lime green or a deep undersea green.
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