Toxicity & Ranked on PBE

Hello everyone, I'm Siea and i have been around in league of legends since the start of season 1. Today i did like to talk about toxicity & ranked on PBE Toxicity: On PBE there is this thing that people think "It's pbe you can't get banned, so let's just troll and feed and flame" In matter of fact yes you can get banned. Riot themselves got a team setted up to look at the report so please stop saying that and play like you would on Live servers. Even the live community is filled with flamers, but i think around 90-95% of PBE have experienced this. Ranked: I'm really into playing ranked myself and what i think is really annoying is that people tend to do this in soloQ "MID OR AFK" then picks something and feeds even tho they get what they want, and to be even more annoyed it's filled with people who doesn't get what they want then they'll just afk whole game. I myself is playing with diamond-challenger players. and im a quite good player but when you loose your placement cause of trolls, feeders, afkers. You're starting to get annoyed. I'm stuck in silver because people simply doesn't know how to play and is trolling. It's not that i don't see a reason why "bad" players are playing it's just getting unfairly placed than can't get to a higher rank cause everytime you go ingame you meet feeder's troll's and flamer. My point of view. If there's something i'm missing or something you did like me to write on here feel free to say it if you have any quesitons feel free to ask it here or add me ingame. Last & Least: sorry for the wall of text.. :D
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