jana kata ults too visually similar

with Sacred Sword Janna and Death Sworn Katarina, the two ults look too similarly. I find this worrysome because one ult is a threatining ult and the other a supporting ult. This can cause some confusion in the middle of the fight when you're looking for the heals from janna's ult but get killed to death from kata's ult instead https://i.imgur.com/EPizNl0.png https://i.imgur.com/eJA8LMD.png I mean as you look at them there are some differences - so it could just be as much as making the kata ult look a little bit more distinguished from jana's than it is. perhaps make it redder, or make the texture more electrifying or something. Janna's ult makes sense to look kinda windy and light, but why does kat's ult look that way too?
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