[Ivern] Passive tooltip is unclear

Ivern's passive's tooltip contains the following statement: > Smiting a grove instantly frees monsters. This fails to tell the would-be Ivern player what he/she needs to know. Here are some points of confusion: - Do ALL the monsters in the camp get instantly freed when he smites any one of them, or does only the smitten monster get freed? - What about monsters who are part of the camp that has been grove-d, but are not currently in the green ring? - Does the grove have to be matured yet, or does "instantly freeing monsters" mean that you get to skip the usual waiting period? - Can ANYONE smite a monster to trigger whatever this "instantly freeing" entails, or only your ALLIES, or only IVERN himself? A simple rewording of the tooltip could and should communicate the answers to those questions without needing players to just look it up on a third party site.
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