Ekko's Q Should Hit A 3rd Time If You Ult In The Middle Of It

Why can't we make a flashy play with his Q? Instead of the same combo over and over again I.E. Q+E=3Hits=ThatsIt=Boring Basically when you throw your Q out it goes and hits one person (or more idk) and then comes back and hits them again if you aim it right. Let's say I'm being chased and I can kill vayne if I turn around and try to auto her and Q her. Well I wont be alive that long because she's fed at this point. So I wanna try to Q her and as soon as it comes back why can't I ult and go behind her allowing a 3rd hit and the speed bonus? I just think it'd be good for better combos rather than the same old crap you have to do to get 3 stacks on someone. It's just really predictable.
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