Please dont let adcs go live like this

Adcs......are op, like, not a word of a lie (except maybe Ezreal and Varus) but with the new runes, ive noticed that the class as a whole is too dominant (Main ones in particular are {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:498}} and {{champion:15}}) And when a class that does CONSISTENT AUTO ATTACK DAMAGE, gets over tuned, it will cause major issues....because as of late, not even divers or assassins can deal with these adcs (unless the assassin has a 5k or greater gold advantage along with at least 3+ levels), an example is when a watched a 10/1 warwick (level 13) with 140 cs get outdueled by a 2/11 jinx with 80 cs, (level 10) or when a saw a YI (level 18, with full build which included a dead mans plate) LITERALLY get one shot by vayne (level 15, with 4 items) it literally was vayne aa once, condemn to wall, tumble + aa, and yi was gone Also, Melee fighters/assassin hybrids ({{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:5}} are the best examples) will also cause TONS of issues, while they are easier to deal with then say a sivir. they should still be kept on the radar EDIT: also with adc's being picked in nearly every role, its just even more proof that they will be a problem
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