Doom Bots available for testing!

Greetings Sp00ky Summoners! For 7.21, we are re-releasing everyone's favorite Teemo-beating-up mode, Doom Bots! :) For this run of Doom Bots, we mostly made updates to the previous bot roster to make sure they work correctly and are at parity with other champion changes that went in. Changes include: * Galio Bot is no longer a Doom Bot :( * We did not have time to re-doomify him since his re-work, so he's disabled. RIP Galio, long live your win rate! :) * Udyr Bot will no longer spawn Krugs * There were some undiscovered issues with the Krugs when Udyr Bot spawns them. However, Udyr's win rate was very high for the last two runs, so we took this opportunity to remove one of his camps that he spawns (and essentially nerf him a little!) * Updated the spooky fog VFX * Our spooky fog was very rushed when we released Doom Bots the first time, and it did not hit our quality bar. We've updated it so it should look smoother/less lumpy, and be generally more performance friendly :) * Fixed some AI issues with the Yasuo Doom Bot * He was learning too much from our live players, and would AFK randomly after certain periods of time, and allow you to kill him for free (inting). We have fixed his AI issues and he should now be appropriately (or overly) aggressive. :D I believe that's it, but if we have more updates I'll post em here! Happy bug hunting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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