@Riot: Can we get some proper anatomy in these animations?

So, first off, I'd like to say I really love the new champion(s?), and I'm super excited for them to come out, but some of these animations are pretty bad. Just like you did with Soraka in the past, Lamb has an equine leg that isn't animated anywhere close to properly for its anatomical differences from a human's leg. You've gone ahead and just treated them like human legs and almost completely ignored the joint called the hock, and in some cases even bent it backwards. Below are some drawings of what I'm talking about and ideas I've sketched up of how to fix these things. Forgive me, my tablet is not working properly for some reason, so they're a little rough. http://imgur.com/BT3mvYl Here you can see the hock actually bending backwards a little bit. The hock joint should never be completely straight to begin with, let alone bent backwards. http://imgur.com/MXlONid more bending backwards and straight hock. http://imgur.com/hpjr1V5 In some of the animations like the joke/taunt, it's whatever, doesn't really matter, but honestly the run animations for Lamb look so terrible it's ruining the champion for me. For reference here are some horse legs which are similar enough to a lamb or goat, but not as hairy so it's easier to see: http://www.horseinfo.com/images/newhin01.JPG You can see there is actually a bone sticking up from the hock that prevents the joint from bending backwards! For more reference here is a gif of a horse running: http://i1013.photobucket.com/albums/af257/MandolinGirl1/black_fresian.gif You can easily see the run animation of Kindred here to compare: http://www.lolking.net/models?champion=203&skin=0 Additionally, I'd like to add that her homeguards animation makes her look like a flailing monkey... Other than that, she's great, but it would be really nice if some of these animations looked more animal-like instead of ignoring the anatomy of her legs completely. ----- POSTER'S NOTE: This isn't my original post, it's a repost of a thread from general discussion, I asked if I could post it here for visibility purposes on the PBE Original thread is found here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/I9UMAhxV-riot-can-we-get-some-proper-anatomy-in-these-animations?comment=0012 Any questions should be directed towards that, as I have very little knowledge of anything related to this and just thought it sounded pretty solid.
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