New Braum Skin - Pizza Delivery Braum

Come on now you all know it would be great, just think about. I honestly think this would be one of the best skins ever. Some Of The Changes Random Stuff -Instead of him saying "Braum is here!" he says "Your pizza is here!" -He would have an amazing pizza box for his shield instead of a boring a boring normal shield -He would obviously wear his Rito pizza delivery uniform Skills -His passive would get them stuck in cheese instead of being frozen -His Q could shot out cheese instead of the ice -When he uses his W instead of a shield appearing on the ground it could be a pizza -Obviously when he uses his E he holds up that amazing pizza box -And finally, his ult could be pepperoni shooting up into the air knocking his enemies into the air I would love to hear what you all have to say about this amazing skin. {{champion:201}}

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