Diana changes I would like to see.

After talking with a few people on their thoughts, I wanted to make another post that had a better statement of what it sounds like people are interested in with her. Overall: Her mana costs are a bit too high, it would be nice to see these dropped a bit. Passive: Her last hitting feels very bad without the passive attack speed, and the passive on her e makes her frustrating at later level (while also feeling very clunky). Q: The cooldown changes are very nice - possible interaction with moonlight to have a lichbane proc on next auto (her damage would probably need to be changed to account for this). W: Increased movement speed while this is active. E: If the target is effected by moonlight when they are drawn in they are stunned or slowed. ~Diana Bot's change~ R: Visual update to make it feel more powerful. Ground smashes from where she starts from (think anime). I'll pay attention to this post if anyone has anything to add that I've forgotten. Special thanks to Diana Bot
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