Runes Base Stat Adjustment Feedback

So, over the past week, base stat changes in relation to Runes Reforged were pushed onto PBE. I understand that they’re in flux, but I want to respond to the specific changes we saw, and the rebalance as a whole. Champions received compensation based off of class: Marksmen got 8 AD, 9 armor, and + base damage on spells with bonus AD scalings AP Mages got 12 HP per level Tanks got 8 AD and 9 armor Defensive tanks (or supportive) got 20 armor AP Fighters got 5 armor and 5 HP per level AD Fighters (including juggernauts and assassins) got + base damage on spells with bonus AD scaling Enchanters and bot-lane mages got +9 armor Rakan and Thresh got +8 AD and +12 armor A quick calculation of gold value shows the more obvious problem: 280 + 180 + (not really quantifiable) 32 scaling to 576 280 + 180 400 100 + 13.3 scaling to 240 (not really quantifiable) 180 280 + 240 The gold value of the stats goes from 180 to 520 (just leaving out scaling stats here). It’s obvious that a difference of 340 starting gold is going to create a big shift in usability for many of these champions: say goodbye to enchanters and hello to _yay_ more Thresh. And that’s without going into whether-or-not these stats are actually the ones that these champions want (scaling HP being the largest confusing point here). All of that is rather easily fixable with some number changes. Give Enchanters an extra 25 starting AP. Replace scaling health for AP mages with 20 AP and 25 extra starting health. Take some AD from Rakan and Thresh, and give tanks +15 HP. Give AP fighters 9 armor and 120 HP. The numbers are easy enough to tweak until balance is attained. The bigger problem is that these changes solidify the meta something fierce. No longer will I be able to take my Fizz mid or top or jungle; his new stat distribution will force him toward the midlane. No longer will my Kennen ADC shine in the bottom lane, since his trading and last hitting will be dumpstered. No longer will Cassiopeia or Lulu grace the top lane. Now, you might say “Good riddance!” to some of these. After all, who wants to play against Lulu top when it’s strong? But what about Ziggs bot? His trading will be garbage now. What about those of us who took AD runes mid because we wanted to take down towers faster? What about Mordekaiser or jungle Soraka? What about all those great tricks that we haven’t found yet, and with this meta solidification, we won’t be able to use? I’m scared of the diversity that we’re losing in the game with these changes. New Runes don’t make up for it, since obviously it would be better for me to take Draven bot with new runes than taking Kennen. Though they can both take Runes to make their bot better, Draven also gets all these stat boosts. That’s not to say that such a thing isn’t already true in League: after all, Draven already is a better ADC than Kennen. But exacerbating the issue seems like the opposite of what we should be trying to do with the Runes rework.
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