Recommend Hunter's Machete based on presence of Smite Summoner Spell

This suggestion is actually copy pasted from a post I had on Reddit and a lot of people seemed to support the idea. Since I now have access to the limited yet exclusive PBE community I figured that I'd post it here in hopes that someone from RIOT would see it and let me know how they feel about the idea. Reddit Post Link => "I was just wondering if it would be possible for Riot to implement a sort of IF statement and adding Hunter's Machete into the recommended starting item list based on whether or not the summoner has the summoner spell SMITE (if not then whatever other item is most suitable). I feel like this would benefit players in two ways: 1) Faster buys for players that quickly but those recommended items and get to lane/jungle ASAP (I love to be the first one in the jungle protecting our buffs). 2) It helps new players. I've seen way too many new players play someone like Hecarim or Vi in lane and then buy Hunter's Machete because that is the first recommended item. I understand that this MAY be on purpose in order to teach new players that these champions are primarily jungle champions, but I feel like they'll have plenty of time pre-level 30 to figure out which champs they can use and which champs they can't. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks! P.S. I understand the rationalization that item sets can be used instead of the recommended feature. I agree 100% that this is a solution for more experienced players that are familiar with item sets. However, new(er) players won't know that item sets exist or that they can be downloaded."
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