Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread

Hey all! In case you hadn't noticed, TARIC, the TARIC of TARIC has received a Champion Update, and is now on PBE for all your feedback-y goodness. Finally, sporting the glorious locks that he should have from the get-go, this is a complete overhaul of Taric's visuals, gameplay, and audio. We wanted to make him feel like an entirely new champion. In addition, all of Taric's skins have been remade and reconcepted to match today's quality bar. Gone is the "just a recolor" Emerald Taric, as it is now a fully fledged skin! When you're looking at this statuesque man, please keep the following questions in mind! * How do you feel about Taric as a whole? Does he still feel like Taric to you? Better? Worse? * How do you feel about the clarity of the particles? Do they convey the effects when you want them to? * How do you feel about the skins? Do they properly capture the fantasy that you already know them for? [Read here](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-update-taric-shield-valoran) to get more insight into Taric, and start to get an idea of what took him from the Gem Knight to the full on Shield of Valoran. **Edit: Thank you all very much for your thoughts and feedback. I don't have the time (sorry!) to comment on everyone's posts, but I assure you that the Taric Pod and I have read through a great deal of it. As a note, this feels like the greatest amount of words per post that I've seen in any thread, so you've all put a lot of thought and effort into this. Thank you again.**
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