New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting

Hey all! First, if you haven't already, go check out [this player-made mastery calculator](! I'll be using this tool to link pages. Special thanks to Hudzen, DPatti, and Pyro for their work on it over the seasons - you guys are all awesome. Anyway, let's get into it. I understand that the new mastery system can be hard to get a feel for, so I wanted to get a few template-esque pages out there to help get everyone started. So, check out the links and associated champions below, and let me know what you think about these recommendations! And of course, please share some pages of your own :D Note: These are only intended as guidelines and should be just enough to get you started -- I'll leave the real theory-crafting / optimizing to you guys! I **DO NOT** want to prescribe your build, and rarely will there be a single optimal build, but if you're feeling particularly overwhelmed, feel free to lean on what's here until you figure out your own way! -------------------------------------------------------- * [12-18-0 Aggressive Jungler]( * {{champion:60}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} * These assassin types will love the pen and burst damage offered by the Cunning Tree [hello, Thunderlord's Decree!], paired with the more general damage amps offered by the Ferocity Tree. Savagery and Runic Affinity from the Cunning tree also really help out in the jungle. * If the early clear proves to be too challenging ({{champion:28}} ), opting into a safer [0-18-12]( setup might be the way to go. * [12-0-18 Brawler]( * {{champion:122}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:2}} * These juggernauts really benefit from the Grasp of the Undying mastery in the Resolve Tree. It turns their already high-health builds into more damage and sustain, allowing them to slog through the fight, dishing out and soaking up tons of damage. * [0-12-18 Peel Tank]( * {{champion:201}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} * If soaking up damage for your allies is more your thing, check out Bond of Stone in the Resolve Tree, and pick up some self healing and mana regeneration so you can keep yourself topped off while you protect your carries! * [0-18-12 Utility Support]( * {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} * Windspeaker's blessing in the Cunning Tree multiplies the power of these more buff/heal-centric supports. In addition, picking up Secret Stash and Meditation will give their lane some serious staying power. * That said, swapping those 12 points into Ferocity, and selecting Thunderlord's Decree as your keystone will give you some potent trading potential in lane. I encourage you to choose based on your own playstyle and preference! * [18-12-0 Sustained Damage Caster]( * {{champion:115}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:268}} * When you're not just trying to one-shot someone, Deathfire Touch and co. from the Feroicty Tree will really amp up your damage over long periods of time, and the mana regeneration from the Cunning Tree will give you the resources to make it work. * When you ARE looking to one-shot someone (I'm looking at you guys: {{champion:45}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:99}} ) , I'd recommend [12-18-0]( instead! * [18-0-12 Marksman]( * Ferocity suits the playstyle of most marksmen -- Lifesteal and %armor pen? Sign 'em up! * Certain champions will inevitably make better use of certain keystones, but Marksmen should be able to viably run any of these keystones, depending on their preferred playstyles. * Do you like to poke with spells? Check out Deathfire Touch {{champion:110}} * Is harassing with basic attacks more your thing? You'll enjoy Fervor of Battle {{champion:51}} * More into heavy Crit/AD builds? Warlord's Bloodlust can shore up your lifesteal and attack speed so you can focus on your core stats {{champion:119}} * Some marksmen might opt into something like [18-12-0]( for maximum damage, but I find passing up the laning defenses in the Resolve Tree too costly, personally ;) ----------------------------------- Alright! That's all from me. I left out a number of archtypes, like the light-fighting skirmishers {{champion:114}} {{champion:157}} , bulky divers {{champion:254}} {{champion:5}} , and many more. Plus, many champions will have particularly unique set-ups, based on their kit, so I encourage you to break out of the molds I outlined above!
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