That version of Randuin is in fact and after tests the worst of all.

The reflect from Randuin is extremly negligeable ! If you have 150 armor bonus (248 armor total on Darius for exemple) you will reflect only : 22,5 damage, 45 damage versus a crit (a 300 crit or a 1000 crit, you will reflect the same amount of damage) Also ... don't forget than it deal MAGIC damage and that every ADC receive MR buff + that Darius will NEVER have a single point in magic penetration. So, reflect 45 damage is the absolute max potential you will be able to reach ! Actual Randuin give : - more HP than PBE Randuin (500 > 425) - more armor (60 > 50) - less cost (2900 > 3000 - better active (4 sec medium slow is better to stick target than 2 sec higher slow) - more damage reduction (10% crit reduction AND 15% AS slow >>>>>> 15% crit reduction) Now, for thornmail : everyone agree that the live thornmail fall-off too hard lategame to be functional ... BUT this new version on Randuin fall-off a lot harder. On live it was 25% bonus armor + 15% damage received as magic damage. It's extremly higher than 15% bonus armor who can be doubled for 30%. 15% damage reflect from a big crit will reflect always more that the bonus armor part. That's a bad item fusion and it will not change 2 things : - Randuin is the only correct armor item lategame with HP - Most of armor items are very bad lategame (except Frozen Heart, not so popular due to the mana path)
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