Thoughts on Aerie as a Support

While playing as support({{champion:497}}) With aerie as my keystone. I found myself a bit annoyed. I like the idea but there are minor things i think can be improved. 1. (Important) **Make aerie only proc on abilities:** in 9/10 cases i want aerie as a shield on my adc and not on an enemy (with a rather long return flight). In fights i usually autoattack to maximise damage, but with aerie i cant really do that because it will put her(him?/it?) on an enemy and out of my reach. Also {{item:3050}} can cross your plans. If Aerie would only proc on abilites you would have a lot more control over her. Making her stronger as a support tool but nerfing her a bit as a damage tool. 2. (Likely just WIP nagging) make her look more alive. I love the shield effect but the static model being dragged around behind you just looks odd. 3. In the HUD it would be more helpful to see the dmg/shield she gives right now as a primary stat (the one you see without hovering over it). rather than the accumulated dmg/shield of the hole game. To my support comrades. Please give your opinions as well. I dont know if im alone with this.

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