I'm actually really impressed with the Shen rework

I am really impressed that Riot could pull off such an impressively awful and boring kit that feels awful to play and unrewarding. This is a TLDR of Shen rework: playing a melee orianna without having orianna Q. Your blade range is just too long, making it so most of the time it takes a huge time to even get there, making it so you can't even hit anything with it. To hit someone with it, you have to land E, then Q, but the problem is his E doesn't even work. The first 0.5 seconds of the E, the target isn't even taunted and it takes 0.5 seconds before he starting attacking, else he keeps walking to the direction he is walking. This making hitting the blade nearly impossible, and even if the bug wasn't even in the game, it still would be horrible, because it has a huge ass delay. His W is orianna W + Jax E, except you can't actually control where to place it because of how retarded the blade is to control. The entire blade mechanic feels extremly boring and annoying to play around while not even being rewarding. This is the current gameplay of shen: Press E, then Q, right click and then press W. This is old gameplay of Shen: Press E, then Q, right click and then press W, except you can actually use Q for other things such as csing, poking and sustain, making Q usage actually require thought process, because if you Q a cannon to heal, you lose out on potential damage, but alternatively, if you Q to poke, you miss out on sustain. Now there is not even a thought process, it's just a E in right click and hope to win. In his current state, he won't win anything, because his damage isn't very high in early stages and he has no sticking power afther his easy to dodge long cooldown gap closer, making him a worse rek sai in every way possible. Legit, the only GOOD thing about the rework is making his E scale with health, since now it can actually deal ok damage later on, but that won't even come close to save this abomination. For one, the E cd needs to be HELLA lower at lvl 1, or else there is absolutely no hope of ever seeing even be considered a playable champion. At lvl 1, E is 18 cd. Without E, you can't fight anything. If you max E, you do no damage since lvl Q doesn't do shit. Secondly, his W fucking sucks. It sounds good on paper being a AoE jax E, but let's be real, the duration is shit and the placement of it being nearly impossible to use properly makes it awful. Also, am I supposed to put a 2nd point into that monstrosity you call an ability? If this was dota 2, I'd keep it level 1 and spend my 4 other points into stats.

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