Please reconsider Braum's new skin. The Ram-from-the-shield on Q doesn't feel right.

First, let me say that I love 750-tier skins. They are wonderfully polished, and for many champions they're a very smart purchase. Second, though, let's talk about Braum's new medieval-themed skin. I realize that 750-tier skins don't have different spell effects, but really this is a case where they should be slightly altered or raised to 975 for proper polish. Specifically, the Ram flying from the shield on a Q activation doesn't feel right. His other skins have something thematic coming from it on activation (Dragon, Chair, etc.), and the Ram works awesomely for his base skin, given the Ram on the shield. But his new skin has a Lion on the shield that transforms to a ram head? The Passive indicator as well is a ram. It doesn't feel good. It doesn't feel cohesive. Can we please have another pass at it?? <3
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