Evelyns and some more thoughts on %hp dmg

Hi It is well known, that now in LoL Rito doesnt even let to max spells in your order. You will max them as they told you. But, about Eve Here kit is made the way that you should go one way invise -> W(1) -> E -> QQQ -> Ult -> run away -> invise (1) - (wait for it, trying not to die or to not triger this thing by mistake) that why your ult deal % dmg on how low enemy is and so on. But. What if I want to invise -> W -> ULT(1) -> QQQ -> E(2)- > run away -> invise (1) - its trouble to hit with Q when Creeps r around so I want to trigger W with R, so Creeps are dead now and I will be flashed back, and the enemy will Charm toward me. Then its easy top hit with Q. (2) - when enemy get low and start tot run away you E. But. Your Ult deals more dmg the lower enemy is, so you miss a lot of dmg. ANd this is the trouble with a lot of this % dmg and "use Your abilities as We told you"
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