[Suggestion] Improving Reworked Mordekaiser

_I posted this onto another well-thought post already, but felt that the post was unique enough for its own discussion. Link to other post:_ http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/EqN39MAN-mordekaiser-bugs **General Feedback:** I played with the rework in a couple custom games against only 2 bots by myself, so I only got to test W when I had a ghost, but I felt that his early game is extremely lacking in any power at all, but I will say that after building a few items I could see how powerful this rework could potentially make him. Though it feels like Morde is being forced into the position to be a very BAD off-meta support pick, his suggested starting item was changed to the Relic Shield which would imply to [assuming] most people playing him that he is meant to be a support. If the reworked Mordekaiser is intended to be a support though, there need to be a few changes made to his kit to make him viable as a support instead of just slapping a considerably awesome passive to summon the dragon onto it. So below I have a list of a few tweaks that could be made to make him more viable as a support and possibly to assist anyone who wanted to take him into a solo lane such as top. {{champion:82}} **Suggestions:** **Passive: Iron Man** - Appears to be working as intended. **Q: Mace of Spades** - I feel like a pay-off along with the damage for the third strike could increase the value of this skill. My suggestion is either a moderate slow, stun, or even a knock-up. This would give Morde some utility in the bot lane to peel for his ADC, a reward to the player for landing the third strike, and much needed CC for Mordekaiser in general. **W: Harvester of Sorrows** - This ability is now almost completely useless in a solo lane, without other champions around Morde is left with only 2 skills to defend himself with, also the experience passive does nothing for a solo laner. I feel like some functionality for this ability outside of a duo lane would make him more viable outside of the support role, or some crazy off-meta ADC. My suggestions would be to have this ability give Mordekaiser an additional passive % of Spell Vamp, to assist his laning phase and to counteract his abilities consuming health. This would also be beneficial to support Mordekaiser to keep him in lane with his ADC longer. **E: Siphon of Destruction** - My only suggestion for this ability is a bit more readability for the animation when it makes contact with an enemy such as, smoke or something exploding from underneath them. Other than that it appears to be working as intended. **R: Children of the Grave** - To assist Mordekaiser in being a viable support champion I feel that the only addition that could be made to this ability would be to have the target be slowed for 30-40% when the ability is cast and have the slow gradually fall off over the duration. I feel as though the changes I've listed above wouldn't make Mordekaiser OP, but would give him the tools to be a competitive solo or duo lane champion.
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