Please return and rework Scrying Orb instead of removing it

**The Issue:** The current meta believes Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} is bad on champions and for the most part they are right the reason they are right is that it has been marketed and sold and taught to be used the wrong way. It’s was marketed as a trinket version of Clairvoyance {{summoner:2}} which also was marketed wrong. Quick clarification what I mean by marketed wrong is that the true potential of this item was over looked in favor of its original intentions. Both Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} and Clairvoyance {{summoner:2}} have failed not because as a whole they are bad designs on the contrary they are great when used properly they have failed because people have been told to use them half baked. For both Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} and Clairvoyance {{summoner:2}} they have been taught to been used defenselessly actual the other trinkets are mostly defensive except for Scrying Orb {{item:3342}}. Warding Totem {{item:3340}} is defensive in that you place the ward and then you have vision which gives you a heads up that the enemy is there. Sweeping lens {{item:3341}} is offensive but it doesn't directly interact with the enemy player it just removes their defenses by removing wards. So what about Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} makes it marketed wrong, it's simple you claimed to the players it was mainly a defensive item. Yes Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} is great for checking an area really quick so you don't have to go over to that spot in ward, but it's not worth it in the since of making sure an enemy isn't in the area. It’s actually the opposite where it excels Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} is very powerful on champions that are chasing or invading. And most importantly it's only worth it if you know for certain the champ is there or there would be a huge advantage if they’re not their (their not at the blue so you can steal it). If you want proof of this you can look at my favorite lore champ Ashe {{champion:22}}. Sure I use her Hawk Shot to see if an enemy is coming but I'm not just firing it off when I get it to see if the enemy is nearby. Instead I'm using it when I believe they are there for example. Lee Sin {{champion:64}} failed a gank on top and forced my top lanner to recall since he didn't have blue and only had red and was low health. I can assume he is going to recall and ether gank mid or go get his blue or give it to mid lane. So as Ashe I wait about 10 -20 seconds and fire a hawk shot at his blue and boom he's there. And that's great for defense, but what about offense the fact is wards can do the above just as well with good timing and map awareness. If it was only used for that it wouldn't be all that great however it is when chasing. There is no point as Ashe to walk into a bush to chase a champ so you can keep shooting that's where Hawk Shot is great because you can fire it off get the vision and keep going. Without having the face check the brush to keep up the fire. Now let’s go bad to Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} what champs benefit from this first is the main position junglers that invade after rushing a buff. It's a huge benefit I'm going to use Rengar {{champion:107}} as the example of how Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} is used over the course of a game. I start red and go to the enemies blue once I'm in the river brush on their side I use Scrying Orb {{item:3342}}. Now your first thought is well you can do the same thing with a Warding Totem {{item:3340}} and my response is sure you can but the moment that ward hits the ground that enemy jungler is going to back off and call in the two side lanes to help him. Sure you could try to get the kill and buff but you are going to die doing it. Now with Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} it's different instead of backing off they ignore it and keep going allowing me to get the kill. Now let’s say they cleared it before I got there (Kindred {{champion:203}}) then I go kill them at wolves. Or the other situation is they started red in which case I take the blue buff do Krugs, recall, and give our blue to mid lane or just take it. Either way the enemy jungler has no blue buff. Now fast forward come late game with or without the upgrade let’s say a part of the enemy jungle is not warded and I think someone is in there. I don't want to ult and then find out no one is there. So instead I use Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} and if I'm right go ham. Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} is mainly powerful at pinpointing the location of an enemy if you can't get into the area to ward. But you have to have knowledge of how people are moving around in the area in order to use it right. Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} is powerful but only when used properly with map awareness and wards, and this is why the meta hates it. The reason the meta hates it is that we don't teach flat out to think "what would the enemy do", "how should I respond", and most importantly have proper map awareness. As a result of this Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} cannot be used to its full potential in the average silver and below game. Since the majority of the payers are in this area(60%-70%) **Repercussions of Removal:** You need to understand how large of nerf you will be giving to invade champs and chasers by removing Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} from early game. You can replace it with warding but as I stated it gives a huge red flag when you place it and the enemy can see it. Also it requires you to be at the location and junglers and invades need quick info on the enemy jungle to make calls wards early game do not provide the speed and give the information as fast as Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} does. Also for chasers you have to be close to the bush to place the ward which is barely better than face checking. **Solution:** First thing first is teach the community as a whole map awareness and knowledge of how to see without wards. You don't need to create a new video series there are tens to maybe hundreds of videos that already cover this you only need to find them and promote them. Regardless of this Item being removed Riot you need to start fully promoting tutorial videos. Second thing re-promote Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} and properly explain the mechanics I just explained if you promote and sell it properly this time it will be used as much as the other trinkets. Thirdly rework the cooldown like you did with the other trinkets. For a trinket that only lasts for 2 seconds and has a 90 second cooldown this is a huge turn off for players that can't do what is needed above. you ether need to make it last longer (which I don't think you should) or you should lower the cooldown as you level up. Fourthly keep Farsight Alteration in the PBE the way it is but have it build from Scrying Orb {{item:3342}} **Final 2 Cents:** I fully understand the reason to remove this item however I don’t think bad marketing and misunderstand on how to use an item is reason enough to remove it. Please take a second look at the item.

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