So I use to play Rek'sai top lane and had a lot of fun with her when she first came out. Then they nerfed her and Tank was the only way to do. Now they want to go back to the fighter style (this I Like) Thoughts P: Healing nerf is hard here. Not so much early but its almost 25% of what it use to be. Not so much a issue now that you build more AD and LifeSteal but thats a different issue (later) Q: Love that her Burrow blast now does AD and scales with AD (tho you still can AP Rek'sai with its 70% AP scaling) The AD scaling on her Queens Wrath is good but CSing is still really awkward and hard because the damage is soo odd. W: Im fine with the knockup only hitting one but the knock aside needs to still hit all unites (even Champs) Also the Knockup lockout makes targets not take any damage from burrowing under them. Should still do damage to targets, just not knock them up. E: This got a big nerf... Even though you stack Furry so fast you are almost always getting the True damage but that brings up another issue. Life Steal and things like {{item:3812}} Do NOT heal off your E (because its almost always True damage) this feels really bad. Also the Animation speed needs to scale with Attack speed and CDR. Late game using E feels really Clunky. I would say add on hit effects to the E to Compensate. E is just like {{champion:164}} Q where you need to set it up to get the True damage part. I say let let {{item:3078}} and {{item:3025}} etc work with it. E Tunneling: We really need CC immunity while Tunneling. It feels REALLY bad to get thresh/Blitz Hooked while tunneling or slowed. Many champs have abilities that make you immune to CC when used at the right time (Yi Alpha) this should be one too. It would make her more of a Diver because she can get out of places even with CC. R: Ok losing the Free TP hurts BUT I really like this Ult. Now you dont want to fight her when you are getting low though I have found that even with its big damage on Tanky targets she does not get the kill even with them being really low. All in all I think this is in the right direction for her tho.
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