AP Version of Hurricane would be cool to have

Note, this is here because it goes with the item changes, before anyone says anything about it. I think an AP version of Hurricane will be cool to go with the Rageblade, Gunblade, and Nashor's Tooth that you can have with AP Marksmen (again I wanted AP marksmen forever ago and this is my most excited change this pre-season 6 thanks for the on-hit magic damage life steal that Gunblade gives, the spell vamp makes it slightly awkward on revolver until the item is completed, but that is whatever). **** Here is the idea (when compared to Nashor's Tooth gold value is fine, the tooth gives CDR remember): **Rabadon's Hurricane (Ranged Only):** Recipe: Recurve Bow (1000g) + Needlessly Large Rod (1250g) + 150g = 2500g Statistics: +50% Attack Speed +80 Ability Power +UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks deal 15 bonus magic damage on-hit +UNIQUE Passive - Bolts: Basic attacks fire bolts to up to two nearby enemies around the target that deals (+50%base AD)(+20%bonus AD)(+10%AP) physical damage each bolt and apply on-hit effects in full. ****
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