So what exactly do you want Mordekaiser to build?

Mordekaiser's recommended items are all over the place. Not only that, few of them make much sense. Doran's Shield **after** Relic Shield is pretty questionable, since the strongest point of the former item is before first buy. I suppose the health regeneration is nice, but why not just build a Crystalline Bracer to transition into later in the game faster? Morde also wastes about 1/4 of the stats on Trinity Force, since he doesn't use crit or mana, and attack speed only serves to get his burst out faster. Then comes Sterak's Gage, an item that gives health and % base AD. After that is Rylai's, which gives health and AP. I can kind of understand those two, since Morde's basic abilities scale with both AP and total AD. Still, he'd probably do more damage by just focusing on one stat rather than trying to build both. There's also the fact that his ultimate does not scale with AD at all. For defensive items, Randuin's and BV. I'd put SV in there myself, since its healing buff works nicely with Morde's kit, and it gives some nice CDR. With this build, Morde gets a tiny bit of just about every stat in the game (except, notably, lifesteal, spell vamp and health regeneration), plus a truckload of health. Considering he was redesigned to replace the marksman role in the bot lane, I'm not sure how well this build can make up for the damage loss. The distinct lack of any of spell vamp, lifesteal and health regeneration in the endgame build is striking, as it leaves Morde only his W for sustain. Note: Since attachments apparently aren't working, here's what Morde's recommended items looks like: - Starting items {{item:3302}} {{item:2003}} {{item:3340}} - Essential Items {{item:1054}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3044}} {{item:3097}} - Offensive Items {{item:3078}} {Sterak's Rage} {{item:3116}} - Defensive Items {{item:3143}} {{item:3102}}

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