Midseason Update - Utility Contribution

Hey all! In the [Intro to Midseason](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/intro-midseason-2017) we talked about highlighting the contribution of non-carry roles in League. This is the first step of many towards this goal, and it’s aimed at making supports and tankier champions feel more rewarded and recognized for their actions. It also comes with the added benefit of improving tactical clarity for both players and viewers. In this thread, we are looking for your feedback (as well as any bugs you may find) on these features and your thoughts on future additions, especially with regards to tracking additional stats. **Crowd Control Name Display:** http://i.imgur.com/WuIErsl.png By giving CC states a more in-your-face treatment, we hope that players and viewers will be better able to track the flow of a fight and help teammates figure out when to follow up or turn tail. While CC is already appreciated when noticed, this new display works to improve that feedback loop so everyone can bask in the light of a 5 man Leona ult. The system follows a strict prioritization to deal with situations where multiple CC types are applied to a champion - after all, if you’re airborne or suppressed, being blinded as well is the least of your problems. As with many features of this kind, we found some inconsistencies as we worked on this, and while we hit most of them, there may be a few that still look a little off. Please keep an eye out for them, and let us know any you encounter. **End of Game Stats:** We’re getting more relevant stats onto the End of Game screen! Again, this is only our first offering - expect more in the future. * **Crowd Control Score**, a sum of all the CC effects applied to champions during the game - hard cc is weighted higher than soft cc. * **Vision Score**, a calculation of contributed vision over the course of the game - further details to come. * **Damage Dealt to Structures**, the amount of damage dealt to towers/inhibitors/nexus. * **Damage Mitigated on Self**, the amount of damage a champion reduced or blocked, through abilities or shields Please note that these stats are still in process of being implemented, as will have more updates as the PBE cycle continues. **Better Item Feedback:** http://i.imgur.com/D98mz8R.png Have you ever found yourself wishing how much damage you’ve blocked with your Locket? This change will add more of these stats onto active items, so you can better evaluate how well you’re using them. Please note this feature will not be showing on PBE for a couple of days, as we put in the remaining work to get it ready. **Spell Attribution:** http://i.imgur.com/HNBVkHg.png Have you ever been drive-by ignited, or you think you heard your lane opponent pop heal, but you’re not sure? We’re adding a new VFX trail from caster to target on most summoner spells and active items to make those moments clearer. There’s a visual for both enemies and allies, so it should be easier to discern who cast what in a skirmish. **Death VFX:** http://i.imgur.com/qlcgIwm.png Our old death VFX (for those who noticed it), was slow and subtle. We are updating the effect for both enemies and allies to be snappy and more noticeable so the flow of a fight is more clearly communicated. **Active Item HUD:** http://i.imgur.com/B9EGZha.png Active items often contain a lot of power and gold-efficiency of an item, which is great when you remember to cast it, and awful when you don’t. This change adds a thicker and more prominent border to our major activatables, separate from consumables and trinkets.
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