Executioners Calling physical damage proc is terrible (Darius)

Before it got taken down Executioners Calling used to be procced by autoattacks. Now that it's back it procs on physical damage, enabling a numourous amount of toplaners being obnoxious to play against. The itemcost of 800 gold makes it easy to rush and makes it nearly impossible for early-weak-champs or healers to lane. This is a ridiculous buff on physical casters like: Darius, Garen, Yorick, Gnar, J4, Jayce and others. Meanwhile champs like: Mundo, Maokai, Volibear who depend on heavy healing abilities to endure laning phase. I'm happy with executioners being back, giving a strategical opportunity to fight heavy healers, like it was back in S3. But back then you had to walk up and autoattack your opponent. Can't we just get it autoattack-based again and with a shorter applied effect?
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