Katarina Rework: ultimate out of place?

Just gonna give a bit of feed back on the katarina rework, in particular the ultimate. In my opinion with the new rework the ultimate seems out of place, with the new fast, highly focused, super dashy way to katarina, the stand still one button ultimate just doesnt fit with the rest of the kit. i just feels like its been kept due to basically it being the old ultimate, and doesnt quite as mold with the new kit too well. Though this does have a solution that could theoretically be hot fixed, instead of the traditional out, why not have the ultimate do a single bit of aoe burst damn in a quick spin, then have knives drop on the ground for each enemy champion hit, the breath animation stops the instant "pop" giving enemies time to prepare for the shunpo locations and how to work that, since tis like a 1 sec animation for the daggers to "activate". This keeps in line with her quick style whilst holding the damage of the original ultimate. Well let me know what you think, maybe someone can argue the point for the current ultimate for me but i honestly cant see why something so one tap in a mobile kit such as this. Anyway thanks for you time. :)
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