New 1350 Malphite Skin without VU?

I have to say that while I'm impressed with the quality of Mecha {{champion:54}} 's newest skin, I'm also very confused. Malphite's base model is very old and clunky. He has terribly dated animations and he still suffers from club feet and bad proportions overall. So my question is this, will he get a VU eventually that will make this skin more than a flashy coat of paint on a barely working vehicle? Or will the world be paying 1350rp for a great new skin slapped on an out of date champion? Lets face it, Malphite's current visuals are not of the same quality of recently released champions. In most of his skins it's hard to even make out that he has a head. So why does he have such an expensive skin made for him BEFORE his VU? I feel the same way about Goalie Maokai.
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