Gathered LeBlanc Community Feedback

Thought I'd post this again, because no one reads the recent posts on the Official Feedback posts. I've read all the new threads, and posts over the last week and there were a lot of complaints about the feeling of LeBlanc being less of an assassin, not really a deceiver but much of a combo mage. I've summed up those PBE community wishes from most of the threads I could find. **PASSIVE** * More Windows to assassinate your target, in the late game, less base damage, and less feeling of being a combo mage. * Charging passive reduced: 1.5 on all levels >>> 1.5/1.25/1.0 on levels 1/6/11 * Damage adjustment: 40-295 (+80%AP) >> 40-210 (+90%AP) **Q - Shatter Orb** * Distinctive Sound effects and new Passive effect * New Cast and Shattering sound * ~~Bouncing damage to marked targets (70% damage to minions) ~~ >>> now 70% AoE damage if it hits a marked target **W - Distortion** * More mobility and less predictablility instead of damage * Backsnap delay 0.3 >> 0.15 seconds * Base Damage reduced from 70-190 (+40% AP) >>> 70-150 (50%AP) **E - Ethereal Chains** * This ability seems absolutely fine as it seems **R - Miic/Shadow of the Rose** * More lategame usability with Shadow of the Rose * (already saw a CD change to 160/140/120 on S@20)
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