A build to try out for the rebalanced Renekton

Newly rebalanced Renekton scales much better off AD but does less damage if he doesn't build damage items; so to be effective he has to build less tank and play a little smarter in teamfights (he can't just ult and then jump into the middle of their team and sit there). I made a jungler build for him that emphasizes mobility and properly placed burst damage. Just played three games with him and won each one. Check the picture for how it went. Build Spirit of the Elder Golem, followed by Hydra, then boots (pref Ninja tabi) as your third item. I know it seems really weird, but you need the increased damage and survivability to secure kills and clear jungle camps stupidly fast. Slice and dice and your stun makes Boots less relevant during ganks. Don't even buy the 325 boots until you have your jungle item and Hydra. After you have your boots, build a negatron cloak followed by Botrk and Black Cleaver, then turn the negatron cloak into a Spirits Visage. Ruthless Predator's effect of applying on-hit effects three times synergizes well with Botrk and Black Cleaver. In fights, play as a bruiser-assassin, like Vi. Anyone else found a good way to play rebalanced Renekton?
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