Since Quinn was one of my most anticipated updates, I thought I'd talk about her a bit. Q: I love how it has the damage, but I feel like the blind is necessary for her to really compete much with marksman. A bit more damage, the mark and a CD reduction if it kills is great, but if she has no safe way of hitting that mark against these hyper-range carries then it's bad. W: I still feel like there can be something done with her W such as done with Ashe's that made her impactful with her E.** What will be done to compensate her for the loss of her bird-form's massive attack speed steroid?** E: Feels much smoother! Thanks for helping fix this! The big one: R: The level 1 mana cost seems a bit high. 100 would probably still be reasonable and allow her to function off of a failed roam. Also, this was her only escape mechanism, and in a Duo lane this heavily telegraphs ganks or fights, so a smart enemy AD will back off right away, or just toss an AA or a spell before she can even use it to do anything. It's a nice change, I like her ability to roam or quickly get back to lane, but this feels like a really lack-luster spell now. Not sure what the intention was. It is, however, amazing to roam with as you get such a massive MS boost. There's 2 sides to it, but I think she needs a bit more in reality. Overall her play feels much more sewn together rather than live where it feels choppy at best, and this is mainly what Quinn mains wanted. But now she has to contend with the likes of hyper-carries out of every corner of this update. Not to mention the fact that she can't really duel anymore is kind of depressing, but I'd like to see how Riot could address these concerns. Cheers, Bionic Avian. ** Sidenote: Just saw her 10/30 Changes and I'm actually quite pleased with them. If you haven't, check them out. They gave her Q more meat and her ult less mana cost.
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