Eyes hurt after 1 game on Evelynn

I decided to play a game of Evelynn on the PBE and after just 1 game, my eyes were hurting and I had a headache. There were 2 issues: 1: The screen turns very purple when you're stealthed now. Stealthed http://puu.sh/rP3qu/6e9694aeb1.jpg Not stealthed http://puu.sh/rP3qX/ebabc0db8b.jpg May not seem like much, but when your screen is like this for 80% of the game it is actually extremely annoying on the eyes, to the point that I was legitimately considering AFKing just to stop staring at the screen. It was like playing on a broken monitor with one of the colors not working. I was using skills when I didn't need to just to "fix" the broken monitor. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tone down the effect, I would actually quit Evelynn who I've mained for 4 years if this goes to live. 2: Not a big deal, but thought I'd mention it, there's a bug that makes your passive activate when dead, which also causes the red/yellow eyes to appear above enemies' heads and the purple screen tint. Not a big deal, but somewhat distracting and clearly unintended.
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