I wasn't sure with the new update to Vladimir if this is a bug or not, but whenever I enter into pool, I still take turret damage from the first fire shot. Agro drops from me afterwards since I am untargetable but if the first shot animation starts, I still take the damage regardless. I figure this is a bug since other slow moving projectiles don't damage me like Nunu slow or Brand ultimate, but I wasn't sure. I double checked the patch notes to be sure the only pool changes were his being able to use items while pooled and nothing else, and sure enough that is the case. Has anyone else noticed this issue? How to recreate: 1. Play New Vlad Skin (Don't remember the name) 2. Level W 3. Acquire turret agro and wait for animation to begin 4. Before the animation reaches you, press W for pool You will notice that the shot disappears at the location it was at when you entered pool as normal, but the sound for turret damage plays and health drops as though the turret hit you regardless of how close it was to hitting you when you entered pool.
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