Trickster's Glass (bug?)

First i'd like to say that this item is brilliant. I've pulled off some pretty amazing things with it. However there are several issues which make this item seem too impotent. I am unsure if it is intentional or not but i would like to make a suggestion. **problem**: When you use Trickster's Glass, your champion icon on the minimap is unchanged. **suggestion**: change the champion icons on the mini map to appear identical to the champion you are impersonating. Its hard to convince my opponents that i'm the REAL Caitlyn, when they can just glance at the mini-map and know that i am just a Skarner prentending to be a vulnerable marksmen. **Problem**: The Exiled Morgana skin shows her aura while she is using the trickster's glass. Its a distinct aura that appears below morgana's feet and for some reason its only been on this particular skin thus far. **suggestion**: I feel this really needs to be fixed.
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