Rek'sai opinions, (three important points)

i tried her one in practice tool and from what i can tell i noticed three key things. 1. first off her Q aoe damage is FAR too weak i feel like it should be doing 33-50% or even more of my primary target main attack damage. it just feels so bad. its supposed to be an "aoe" effect and get it so bad u can't even clear raptors with it effectively. becuase she lost her aoe unburrow aoe camps are much harder and i feel her unburrowed Q needs to deal more to compensate for that. it donest need to do very much extra to the primary... just more damage in her aoe... and quite a bit more... there is next to zero point in maxing Q now. i suggest to try add 33% of basic attack damage to aoe'ed targets (but not adding the 33% to the main target) 2. her health regen also seems abysmal now. i like the concept of less fury and it filling faster but i think 1 or two more hits should be necessary. it just feels like i need to burrow to heal every 3 seconds. becuase im at max fury and becuase how many hits it takes to reach max.. and the healing itself sucks, u can easily triple or quadruple the healing received. its REALLY low 3. lastely her ultimate. i REALLY dislike the fact that you cant press "R" until you are in range clicking on on a target should WALK you into range right now i need to go into range.. press R and then still have the target in range to click on . its feels pretty bad her R should not be disabled if they we no targets in range.
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