Thoughts on Diana E buff - From a Diana one trick pony

Hi, I'm "That Diana" on the NA server. I am a Diana one trick pony with 800k+ Mastery points, so I know quite a bit about my champion. I saw the E change and felt optimistic, changing the pull distance didn't seem like a bad utility buff (not that Diana needs one. She spouts a healthy 49 / 50% winrate, and even higher for the one trick ponies like me who know how to use her fully). I recently went in game to test this change out. Her E at max range put an ADC on top of me, and when I ult E'd into a group of 4, and no one could escape my teams followup because of how strong the pull was. Dianas niche has always been to flank / deal high amounts of damage to the backline, Zhonyas, and chain Q-R's + passive onto tankier targets, not setup wombo plays. I feel like this is the wrong direction to push her into, and may cause you guys to look at nerfs in the future (I dislike chain reaction nerfs that arise from buffs strongly). I'm writing this to ask you to either consider placing the pull range lower (50 units), increase the cooldown a little bit more, or leave it as is on the live servers. Despite E being a worthless ability until 8 when laning; she feels strong to me on live (probably because its the only champion I play, and have only played constantly since release). I really appreciate the power your trying to give to an ability most Diana mains consider lackluster, but it feels like its too much. Maybe scrap this change until her diver rework comes around? All this change does is give her more power ontop of the burst she can output (although her tankier builds were hurt with the ap nerfs on zhonyas / abyssal, for tradeoff with the more bursty builds were she falls easier when the shield is on cooldown). Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope the feedback was somewhat helpful. Tldr; E change makes her too sticky / gives power where its not needed. Small note - I'll be testing this ALOT more over the week to draw better analysis. This is only based off of one game so far.
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